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Learn exactly how people educate their kids outside a tradtional school.

Homeschooling is not easy. And it is easy to feel stuck.

Imagine learning from the experiences of other homeschooling families who have choosen alternative education paths.

These are not just interviews; they are real stories from actual homeschoolers who share exactly how they navigate the challenges such as self-doubt, judgments, and educating kids while taking care of the family and work.

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Tech-Savvy Dad's Homeschool Guide

Carlos Birdsong

- They live in Charlotte, NC.
- Using tech to design curriculum
- Managing negative opinions

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This Family Sold Farm to Homeschool

Irene Genelin

- They live in Minnesota, USA
- Worldschooling their daughter
- Teaching coding with Minecraft

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Cherron Unschooling Two Teenagers

Cherron Page

- They live in DeKalb, Illinois
- Follow interest based learning
- Manage finances on a budget

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Homeschooling and Digital Nomading

Nikolaj Astrup

- Traveling the world with two kids
- Follow interest based learning
- Connecting Worldschoolers

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